This March, I’m turning 30!

Yes, thirty! And I don’t really see this coming.

Time flies that fast & all I know is I’m now 30-years-old.

Is it bad? Depends on whose point of view & where you are.

In Indonesia, becoming 30 but not yet married nor have kids is a shame, resulting on (implicit) social abuse. Ha!

For example, all wedding invitation is always for 2 pax, not 1 pax. Means, you are supposed to bring your partner & publish him to entire galaxy; e.g friends, family, relatives. If you happened not having partner at that wedding season, shame on you! You will feel discomfort as everyone has spouse or partner. Moral of the story, never come alone to wedding. Bring one of your hot gay friend. Lol.

Another example; it’s common in Indonesia to ask how your partner doing rather than how you are.

Me: Hi! Wah uda lama ga ketemu ya kita.

Friend: Hei! Mana pacar lo? Kapan merit?

Me: …….

oh God, I sometimes don’t understand small-minded society point of view. It’s just like they have ultimate mission to breed as much as possible as if this world isn’t dense & chaos AF.

Not that I’m against marriage but I do believe marriage takes two mature understanding patient committed adult who team up & truly love each other to raise a happy family with good foundation for the children. That includes fix income for assurance & selfless parenthood.

A mother has huge long term responsibility to feed, raise, teach, keep an eye to the children. I do salute all mothers whom going through the process of pregnancy, baby blues, baby birth, post-partum, raising baby until the baby can really say a word or go to school. It’s a 24/7 job that ain’t a man can handle that.

Not that I don’t want to settle down anywhere soon. But what’s the point of marriage if I am not sure yet? Naturally, ain’t nobody want to settle for less because everyone deserves to be with the one, the other half, the soulmate to spend life with & keeps you alive in this tough life. Right?

Up until I settle down, I’m going to explore the world, dare myself to learn new things, trying out new challenges, give myself room to grow & develop, meet new fun positive people, travel to exotic places I always dream of, have fun, give back to society, and many more. Cheers to 30!

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