Finally, Forbes Under 30 Asia Summit is here.

Aku tiba di Singapore sehari sebelum acara Under 30 Summit bersama mba Heni Founder Smart Farmer Kids &  AgroEdu Jampang dan Helga Funder Burgreens.

Rana, editor Forbes Asia mengundang semua awardee untuk hangout di sebuah rooftop bar yang cantik bernama the Screening Room.



Di sana, kami bertemu dengan rekan Forbes lainnya yang berasal dari negara-negara Asia dan mulai ngobrol tentang bisnis yang dijalani, passion, masalah yang dihadapi sesama start-up, hingga politik. Hehehe…DSCF4182

Cuaca malam itu cukup sejuk & ambiancenya chill. Kami mengakhiri malam itu dengan foto-foto dan kembali ke hotel untuk istirahat.IMG_6965

Sabtu pagi kami menuju ke hotel the South Beach tempat Forbes Under 30 Summit berlangsung. Cuma satu kata. Mewah!

FullSizeRenderKami mendapat token pin untuk dipakai barter dengan rekan lainnya & berkenalan. What a creative idea to break the ice & get know each other!


Me, Heni, Helga
Me & Mesty
Me & Peggy Hartanto
Me & Gary Pepper Girl

Team Indonesia is here! Ga komplit sayangnya :((


Some of interesting presentations



Di akhir acara, tentunya makan-makan. Ga banyak foto di sini karena saya sibuk menghayati makanan yang enyak enyak 😉




A night to remember

Key Takeaways from Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Summit

FullSizeRender 2

Entrepreneur life is full of ups & downs. It’s a mental game where we are challenged every time to make the best decision & able to swallow the pain of lost & failure. If you realize you can’t work 9 to 9 for a cold company with small paycheck, get out & do something to fix it. But first, make a sensible plan, then do it. The plan doesn’t have to be perfect in the first place, go check on regular basis for improvement & act so. In certain phase, survival strategy is outdated. Only then, it’s time to analyse, execute & grow with more aggressive strategy such as merger, acquisition, expansion, and more.

Take advantage to fully maximise internet usage because it’s number 1 product consumed today & tomorrow. Look for mentor & peers because it’s always good to have wolf pack with the same vision. Appreciate yourself, your idea & what you believe in.

Almost successful stories I heard yesterday begun with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present & I have the power to make it so


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And highlight of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Summit is finally up. Check it out!